Tim Leaves!

This is official comment from Primus:

A Friendly Departure

Primus and drummer Tim Alexander have parted ways. "It's something the three of us have discussed for a while." said bassist/vocalist Les Claypool. "We all want to take the music in different directions. Unfortunately for Tim, Larry (Lalonde) and I tend to want similar things creatively." Claypool added, "This difference in opinion I think left everyone less than satisfied. Over time this developed into a rift that was eating away at the stability of the band. After the last touring season it was evident to all of us that something needed to change."

"As we all know, Tim is an excellent drummer and I'm sure we'll see great things from him in future projects," Claypool continued. "As for Primus, Larry and I are extrenely excited to move forward and will announce our new drummer soon. We are now writing and plan to start recording in December. I would like to see Primus continue well on into the next century - our new drummer will reflect that same attitude."

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