Other Primus Stuff
No, I'm not reffering to the side band Sausage. Primus supposedly releases a demo by this name before 1989.
Kiss My Dead Bloated Ass 7"
This 7" record contains demo versions of John the Fisherman and Pudding Time. I'm not sure if it's an official demo or a bootlegged one, though. It seems that these are the same version as on the Sausage Demo.

Album Re-releases
Tales from the Punchbowl Enhanced CD
This not only plays as the normal, full length CD, but it also contains a multimedia Primus experience with complete animations from all the songs, a tour of Rancho Relaxo, footage from the making of the Wynona's Big Brown Beaver video, not to mention the complete video, and lots more.

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
This CD features Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Hello Skinny/Constantinople (RealAudio), and Hellbound 17 (theme from).
Mrs. Blaileen
This CD features Mrs. Blaileen plus live versions of My Name is Mud (RealAudio) and Seas of Cheese recorded during Lollapalooza.

Cheesy Home Video
Features tour footage, interviews hosted by Bob Cock, some cute little claymations and videos for John the Fisherman, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, and Tommy he Cat.
Too Many Puppies
I've actually seen part of this off of a Metal Head video, I think. It was basically just live footage of the band playing, with a bunch of freaky visual effects added.
John the Fisherman
RealVideo Clip
This is one of my favorite Primus songs, so of course I love this video. Kirk Hammet from Metallica is in this video, too. He's ths guy that waves at the end of the video, I think.
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
I love this video. It opens with Bob Cock buying some nachos with cheese (of course) who gets knocked down but a skater. The majority of the video after that is live footage. Les is also wearing a sporty white jumpsuit while playing.
Tommy the Cat
RealVideo Clip
This video is a mix of the band playing, Les bartending milk, and cartoons. There's a bunch of splashing milk effects through the video, too.
My Name is Mud
RealVideo Clip
Les drools on himself when he spits in this video!
Mr. Krinkle
This is a wierd one. The whole video is of Les (I'm assuming) standing in a gymnasium dressed up as a pig, complete with mask, and playing an upright bass. Through the course of the video a bunch of different people in various costumes do stuff in the background.
This video is mainly a bunch of live footage from behind the scenes and live shows.
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
This one's a classic. The band is dressed all up as cartoon cowboys, kinda like those people in the Duracel comercials.
Southbound Pachyderm
RealVideo Clip
This is a cool video, done mainly with claymation. The plot is basically (as I see it) a bunch of elephants with airplane wings who escape from a crew of elephant hunters/pochers.
Shake Hands With Beef
RealVideo Clip
I love this video! It has the band playing on top of a garbage can in some happy family's back yard, while the family is having a BBQ. Best of all, they're all acting like skeeters! They're all moving a bit jerkily and Les and Ler grow wings and fly around at some parts. Ler even flys around during his guitar solo. At the end, Les flys into the bug light. This is my first glimpse of Brain in action, and I must say that PRIMUS STILL SUCKS!
Over The Falls
RealVideo Clip
This catchy little tune has a very different video from all of Primus' other videos. It's all in black and white and switches between the band all dressed up in early 1900's attire playing all acoustic, and clips of a crazy fall go'ers.
Riddles Are Abound Tonight
This is a strange video with all the members of Sausage wearing these blue spandex suits with a single antena with a light bulb on the end, while peddling bikes which are part of some big, wierd machine. Here's Beavis & Butthead's comentary of it in RealAudio.

Cameo/TV Appearances
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
RealVideo Clip
Primus themselves are in the movie for a brief moment playing Tommy the Cat.
South Park
RealAudio 3.0
Primus did the theme song for this kick ass cartoon. An animated Les is even dancing around during the opening theme.
Check out the original short film South Park. Watch it now in RealVideo 28.8K or 56K.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Tommy the Cat is on this soundtrack.
Airheads Soundtrack
I guess Primus re-recorded a trippy version of Jellikit under the new title of Bastardizing Jellikit (RealAudio) for this soundtrack.
The Beavis and Butthead Experience
A totally different Primus song can be found on this one: Poetry & Prose (RealAudio). I've never heard of them playing this one live, but it's one of my personal favorites.
MOM Compilation
There is a live version of Mr. Knowitall on this one.
Woodstock '94
The released version of this features a great live version of Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers where Les slips in the Star Spangled Banner, just like Jimi, followed by an explainatory 'I had to do that'

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