Primus Netcast Steer on over to the Primus netcast stuff. And while there, check out the chat transcription from the live netcast on May 7, 1996. They took my question about the plastic people costumes!
The Cheesy Primus Page This is probably the best and most complete unofficial Primus fan site out there. It has a nearly complete collection of tabs, too. This is the Official Primus homepage. Lots of good info straight from the source here.
Did somebody say
A fellow Canadian's tribute to Primus, and his story...
The Bastard
Come and take a trip on the Bastard Boat. Another great page with great bios, too.
Frizzle Fry's
Primus Page
This is a very snappy page with original artwork.
Phil Maher
Likes Primus
A good summary of the band and it's member's can be found here.
The PRIMUS Page Features tablature and sound clips. Co-authored by Jeffery Swing, of tablature fame.
Addicted to Noise
Article on Primus
Addicted to Noise (an online magazine) did a cover story on Primus a while back. Features photo and video galleries, an interview with Les, and more!
Primus Pictures Lots and lots of Primus pictures! Come and get 'em!
Thes Primus WWW Tape
Traders Page
Bootlegs! Sweet, precious bootlegs!
Sanch's Primus
Mainly links, but still worth checking out.
The Primus FAQ Lotsa raw, hard, cheesy info. All fans should read this!
Primus Desktop Theme I can't believe that somebody actually took their time to make something like this for those bastards!
Primus Newsgroup A great place to ask questions and find out info about the band.
The Cheesy
This is a part of The Cheesy Primus Page and is another great place to get info.
Primus Mailing/
Discussion List
This is a much less tainted version of the newsgroup. Sign up today!
Yahoo's Primus
There's a lot of Primus pages listed here.
Dr. Minz
Not really Primus related, but check it out anyways.

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