New EP to be Released!

Rumor has it that Primus will be releasing a new EP featureing covers and live stuff! More info when I get it...


Brown Album Released!

This is a sweet little number. It's already become one of my favorites. If you haven't buy this yet, you should!


Shake Hands With Beef Video Released

This video kicks ass. It features the band playing as mosquitos at a family's barbeque. I've got a RealVideo clips of it here.


Coming soon...

The release date for the new album, 'The Brown Album', is set at July 8. Ooooo! I can't wait!


Hordes of Fun!

Primus is playing the Horde festival this year! That makes me very, very happy!


April Live Dates?

Word has it that Primus are supposed to be playing some benefit shows in April. Ohhhh, we can only hope... Primus havn't played in their true element with Brain yet.


Freak Out '96

Finally, a review of the New Years Eve Freak Out, by Zane Bock.


New Album

Primus are hard at work on a new musical masterpiece at Rancho Relaxo with new tunes that are supposed to be harder and tighter than previous albums. This is due out sometime in mid 1997.


Claypool to Be A Big Star

I've heard that Les is supposed to be in a low-budget movie playing the part of a band manager. I haven't haerd the name or release date of this one yet, so look for it.

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